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Our Devoted 

Providing food and leading the Church have always been the passions of Mama  Sheila and Frederick Brathwaite. What began as Mama Sheila catering for the church and Frederick serving as the pastor, has evolved into a restaurant that is a pillar in the South Minneapolis Community.

Founded in 2016, Mama Sheila's House of Soul quickly became a neighborhood hotspot and hasn't slowed down. The freshest ingredients, devoted chefs, and delicious secret recipes are unmatched.

Mama Sheila has always been passionate about providing her community with the best soul food. She began her journey by catering for her church and sharing beautiful meals crafted from her secret cook book.

Her popularity grew and she evolved her catering into the distinguished Mama Sheila's restaurant. Since 2016, Mama Sheila's restaurant has satisfied thousands of customers with deliciously crafted dishes seasoned to perfection. Passion is in every recipe.

Mama Sheila

Head Chef / Founder

Frederick is devoted to the promotion of black excellence . He's served as a pastor for over 20 years and has also built his community ties as a general contractor in construction.


Frederick's devotion for Black excellence can be felt in the aura of Mama Sheila's restaurant. The elegant interior design boasts the achievements of Black figures in history.

Frederick Brathwaite

Interior Designer/ Founder

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